Located in the southeast portion of Lancaster County, this 90 acre park (part of the County Park System), was named after the late Theodore A. Parker III, an internationally-known ornithologist who grew up in Lancaster County. The site is nestled within a glen created by Stewart Run. The tract includes impressive flora in the spring and abundant wildlife.

In southern Lancaster County, near the Pennsylvania/Maryland line, there is a community of plants unique in the county. Contrasting sharply with the surrounding woodlands and flourishing farmland, the Serpentine Barrens is an area of several hundred acres of thin, poor soil derived from the underlying serpentine rock. The dominant successional plants on this land are Virginia Pine and Red Juniper. Fires swept through some of the coniferous stands in 1970 and 1971, killing some of the trees and opening the patches to pioneer deciduous trees. Dense thickets have formed, making protective cover for many birds.

To reach Muddy Run Park, turn west off of PA 272 onto PA 372. Follow PA 372 for 3.6 miles and turn left at the Muddy Run Park sign. At the "T" intersection, turn left to enter the park.

The Chester County Water Authority purchased approximately 2,500 acres of land adjacent to the branches of the Octoraro Creek in Chester and Lancaster Counties for its dam and filtration plant. The filling of Octoraro Lake in the 1940's flooded about 670 acres. The Authority immediately began reforesting the open land adjacent to the lake and to the west branches of the Octoraro Creek, where they join the main reservoir.

Muddy Run Reservoir is a pumped-storage (hydroelectric) generating facility. It is located on the east shore of the lower Susquehanna River. It derived its name from the original Muddy Run, a small tributary of the Susquehanna that ran through a valley which was floooded to create a 985 acre storage reservoir. Also included in the project area are a recreation lake, a park, and 1,900 acres of old fields, woodland, cultivated fields, and plantings by the Pennsylvania Game Commission and the Soil Conservation Service.

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