The Harold B. Morrin Scholarship


Sponsored by the Lancaster County Bird Club






1) The purpose of the scholarships will be to provide financial support for educational or research experiences which promote or develop an interest or leadership in natural history, with a preference given to the field of ornithology. Examples of fundable activities are listed below but are not meant to be exhaustive.


It is the intent of the Club to promote research projects such as:


* Censusing Rough-legged hawks within the county throughout the winter season by using photographic methods.
* Developing baselines on birds or other resources within Lancaster County Conservancy holdings.
* Building and erecting nest boxes (Barn Owl, Barred Owl, Screech Owl, Kestrel, Bluebird, etc.) and monitoring use and nesting success and correlating this with multiple site variables.


It is also the intent of the Club to promote educational experiences such as:


* Audubon Ecology Camp
* Victor Emmanuel Nature Tours, Inc.'s Camp Chiricahua, a nature camp for young birders.
* Ecology workshops for teachers.
* Conferences which disseminate scientific information relating to natural history and ornithology in particular.


2) Support of up to 75% of the cost of an educational course or research project, with a maximum of $400.00 per person, will be offered each year to no more than one youth and one adult.


3) Youth applicants must be at least 12 years of age, but shall not have reached their 19th birthday prior to February 1st of the year the grant is made.
Adults are those individuals 19 years of age or older as of February 1st of the year the grant is made.


4) Consideration will be given first to Club members and then residents of Lancaster County.


5) Each applicant will complete an application form including an essay, not to exceed 300 words, explaining the applicant's intended use of the scholarship monies.


6) Each recipient will report to the Club members at the conclusion of the experience. Reports may be verbal or written. Written reports may be published in Call Notes.


7) The President of the LCBC will appoint a Scholarship Committee consisting of three (3) members, with at least one (1) from the Board of Directors, to consider all applicants, the size of the grants, and who will receive them. The Committee's decisions will be final.


8) Applicants must apply by December 1st and a decision will be made by December 15th of each calendar year.


9) An individual will not be eligible to receive the grant more than twice.


10) All applicants will be notified by mail as to the Committee's decision.







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